Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Nuno Fun

Being the inquisitive soul that I am I thought I would have a play with Nuno! No Nuno is not an Italian man, Nuno is a felting technique by which you felt onto a fabric base. I got a nuno book for christmas and two chiffon scarf blanks and only just got around to playing with them in august.Thus far I have only made 1 scarf but it was fun and I love the results, my first nuno scarf is a double sided affair in stormy colours. One side is different grey tones offset by a long black stripe down the middle. I used merino wool and ran little strpes of pure white silk fiber horizontally over the top.On side 2 I used a big swathe of black right down the middle with white stripes for a ladder effect in merino again with random silk fibers scatered over the top and curly wensleydale wool down the chiffon sides to make the scarf crinkle a little.

I really love my new merino scarf, it's toasty warm but still quite light and floaty, I'm hoping to get lots of wear out of it this winter. As it's my first I won't be parted from it but I think I have the merino bug now and will be making many more, hopefully! I have even bought a manniquin, called Miranda, to model them and will be adding them to my etsy repetoire soon!


Deepa said...

Miranda and Nuno make a great couple!

Love the scarf, like nothing I have seen before.

Alexandra said...

oooh, looks wonderful. I ache to try it.

hippyofdoom said...

Wow this worked so great - it's so stylish!

Shalana Frisby said...

very nice :)