Friday, 21 March 2008

Tales from the Igloo

I have been a busy bunny lately so not much time to blog but here I am now and that's what counts.

I'd like to introduce you to these too little cutie pies, Eskimimi and Craigimo... they were a commission from Mimi of Etsy fame and I just adore them both. Originally it was just supposed to be an Eskimimi winging it's way to London but the Craigimo just jumped into the jiffy bag before i could stop him.

Mimi has is the author of one of my favorite blogs which you can visit here, she also makes thing, very cute things and I can't wait for her new shop to open so I can spend my money there!

You can buy your own Eskimimi from my etsy store. I also have Eskimo Joe and lots of penguin friends if you are a fan of ice based pass times! They are all very fond of fishing and eskimo kisses!


KMCdesigns said...

awww! they are just sooo cute!

Amity said...

So cutie!

Eskimimi said...

Eskimimi and Joe have settled in fine and love it here at the Igloo - they now have a whole heap'o penguins to play with as well!

DMProductionandSales said...

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Clothcat said...

What a cute little family!