Saturday, 20 February 2016

It's all about Easter!!!

Easter here we come!!!

I've spent the week very very slowly sorting out my new Easter birds for this year... I like to do something different to add to the range every year and this year I decided to go super bright with some beautiful needle felted hanging Easter decorations in BRIGHT colours!!/Bright-Easter-Chick-Hanging-Decoration-box-of-6/p/61906868/category=17926060
Also people love my photos with the egg cartons so I am now offering the pastel birds and the bright birds in an egg carton at a special price! You can find them in my Easter shop here: Easter Shop!/Bright-Easter-Chick-Hanging-Decoration/p/61906863/category=17926060
Also the end of February should hopefully see the launch of my new monthly newsletter... I'll have to think of something witty to call it... but you can sign up here for updates, exclusive discount codes, competitions and anything else exciting that I can think of! I'm hoping to put the first newsletter out by the end of next week!

  Now last time I blogged i was feeling a little rough around the edges and while things have improved a little I'm still not back on form yet so I have decided that I'm not going to be taking on any more custom orders for pet birds until my health improves. I'll still be taking wedding orders as the wedding cake toppers are only variations of colours, as are tweets, love birds and Easter Chicks and my catalog of wild and pet birds is still available but I need a little time to recuperate.

Thanks for all your lovely comments last time... i read them all and felt warm and fuzzy!
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Caz said...

I love these! What a fun idea too :-D