Friday, 30 October 2015



To those of you who follow me on facebook you'll have noticed lately I haven't been my usual chipper self. Follow a totally amazing and crazy year I was feeling a bit burnt out (and it's not even Christmas yet!) Many of you who are crafters yourself will be familiar with this feeling, so me and Mr Felt had a discussion about what would make life a little bit easier for me and decided that the studio needed the interwebs!

We've been connected for a mere 2 days and already I feel a world of difference! I've been able to get about 50% of my Christmas set up sorted (yep I'm behind!) and sitting next to a little heater supplied by the lovely Eva and staring at the boats while I work has made a world of difference... it's a little thing but to me it's the difference between feeling isolated and feeling connected!

So Christmas this year, new designs have been made in the form of some owl and wild bird decorations, not to mention penguins (which you can chose to have with or without hanging ribbons!) these are available across all my shops now.

I have limited early bird Rainbow Doodle Bird Gift Bundles in the webshop at a bargain price of just £30 for a tea towel, tote, mug, notebook and print. Grab em while you can they won't be around for long!

I'm getting my wreaths all geared up to rephotograph too... hopefully they will be sorted by next week and then all I have to do is panic wildly until December 20th (my last posting day) and it'll all be fine...


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