Monday, 16 January 2012

Happy New Year!!!

Hello felty fans!!!

Well yes we are halfway thru January right now but after Christmas this feltmaker kinda crashed and was beset by lergi and post Christmas blah so I never had a chacne to wish you a Happy New Year!!! Since this is the start of a brand new year and the very first blog post of the year let's start with some new year's resolutions. I don't generally make them because I usually break them pretty soon but I thought we'd have some more realistic ones for a change.

1. Make new friends!
I found that when I quit my job I was free to pursue things that I must admit terrified me like supplying some shops and galleries, I made some lovely new contacts last year with Me & Mrs Fisher in York, Lazyhill Gallery in Dorset and Cambridge Contemporary Crafts in, well Cambridge! I also had a little exhibition at Eatme Art Space in Scarborough and found out that talking to real people is actually quite good fun! SO this year I am hoping to make some more new friends and supply some more shops... I've made a start with a lovely shop called Pippin Gifts in Edinburgh and am currently felting like crazy to get some birds to them very soon!
EatMe Art Space
2. Get out more
The worst part of my job is that I can go days without talking to anyone except for my boyfriend so I am going to hopefully be spending some time working in the Eatme Artspace and hopefully meeting some nice people in the process!

3. Be more creative... yep, ok so I spend every day making but it's easy just to get stuck doing the same things so I will be making sure to keep learning new things with ceramics classes and making new designs... gotta keep changing it up to keep interested folks!
And really that's it... except for the main one which is to be more awesome this year then I was last year and not go back to a tempy job for Christmas! I'll also be consolidation my blogs and places so you'll be seeing Inkmeup posts here as well because I can't keep up with 3 blogs... what was I thinking! I hope you all manage to keep your resolutions and will try very hard to keep mine!


Pili said...

Happy New Year!!

I hope you'll manage to keep your resolutions, cause it seems like you are well on the way there!

Rosa Lily (Pen) said...

Isnt is great when you can leave your job and do something that you LOVE for a change, best of luck with all your endeavours. These little ones are the cutest things I think ive ever seen :)

Dotty said...

love your little birdies , good luck with the resolutions , working in a crafty area sounds like fun x

Andrea said...

Hi Mel,
Ilove your love birds, so cute and so perfect need some of them hanging in the window at the gallery!
Very realistic resolutions too, unlike mine to give up chocolate!!! I can't!
Hope to see you soon,
Andrea x

Isobel said...

Hope you've got over the bugs and are really ready for the "fight". Well done with the resolutions - all attainable, am sure, given a following wind, as they saying goes.

Hope you have a really good year. Your birds are sweet!

Morgan Eckstein said...

I so understand the "be more creative" resolution---it is so easy to get stuck in a rut, even as an artist.

Usemeplz said...

Hi Melanie! wish you all best !!! Like to read your blog.