Saturday, 20 November 2010

Robins, Robins and more Robins!

Last Festive season I couldn't keep up with orders for robins so in an attempt to get ahead I have been stockpiling!We have the now traditional feltmeup designs Robins and Chestnut RobinsAnd Little and Big Robinsons Mctweets all decked out in santa hats!Phew... and yesterday I saw the Christmas Coke advert on TV which means folks that we are officially in Christmas mode... sorry guys!


Jennifer Rose said...

awww love the hats :D

Carmen Wing said...

Love them! Can't wait to give my little budgie to OH, am sitting on hands so I don't cave till Christmas :P

Am fingrs in ears and tra la laing about how close the big day is - am SO not prepared!

Dotty said...

The robins are gorgeous:)