Saturday, 28 August 2010

I Now Name This Tweet

Rosehip Wine!
Thanks to Kreativlink for the suggestion of Rosehip... you reminded me of being a child, picking rosehips from the hedgerows to make wine with and they are almost exactly the same colour as this little tweet!

Renata also makes these stunning Journals so why not check out her gorgeous shop over at etsy, I'll be sending you a little pack of goodies soon, thankyou so much for the inspiration


Kreativlink said...

Ha! What a sweet surprise! I'm so proud that this cute little fella got "my" name. Fits him well, yes! Thanks :)

Pili said...

Congrats on the naming! And it does fit that cute lil tweet well!!

And congrats on the goodie bag, Renata! ;)

Lizzie said...

That's a lovely little Tweet and I like Renate's name idea too.
You're right about her journals - they are fabulous! Well worth a visit, along with a certain couple of other shops... that sell felt birds and inky printy stuff...

ilovehearts said...

Gorgeous. I remember rosehip syrup. Sweet just like your new tweetie x