Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Lesser Spotted Colourful Owls

My recent owl obsession has slipped into unreality today... You have to face it as lovely as browns and greys are sometimes you need colour, especially when the sea fret has engulfed Scarborough in a foggy white cloud and even the seagulls don't want to come out to play.
I was feeling kinda blue when I woke up today so I finished off a blue owl but he looked a bit sad I felt a distinct need for more colour on this misty morning so I made him a little pink girl friend! Don't worry tho I still love my little naturalistic owl friends and added a burrowing owl to the Parliament of Owls over the weekend. The Hoots now have their own section in the menagerie and I spent the morning shuffling the shop around a bit and tidying up my policies and profile.

I am also loving these owl post items from celestefrittata at etsy... I reckon they would make great gift wrapping for one of my little hoots and come in sets with tags too... how cool is that!


Saskia said...

Lovely new owls!!

Saskia :)

AMIdesigns said...

So cute!

Steven Allender said...


littlewrenpottery.co.uk said...

wow they look amazing I love celestefrittata's shop on etsy bought a couple things on there at christmas. Great stuff!

Sophie said...

Love the pink girlfriend!