Friday, 4 December 2009

Inkmeup... my other self

As you may or may not know I cultivate several etsy shops and have had a few changes in directions Since I started this etsy malarky. I felt it well past due the time to have a blog about my latest venture Inkmeup.

I opened the shop at the end of September, listing a few little wren prints, thinking Hey Ho this will never catch on and as a result didn't really have a proper opening celebration. 50 sales later I may have to put my hands up and say whoops I was wrong!

Inkmeup came about mostly because I bought a gocco... for those who don't know what it is the best way to describe it is a miniaturised Japanese screen printing system... and then I had to pay for it, which was problematic being a poor bookslave and feltmaker! Well I am also a frustrated artist too... I work in pen and ink mostly and spend hours on tiny details and then can't sell my work cos I spent hours on tiny details and the price gets too high! The gocco machine seemed a reasonably cheap and effective way of reproducing these drawings in a repeatable and affordable format. It's such an effective little printy machine that often my flat is covered completely in inky little prints which my boyfriend has started referring to as Inksplosions!

Inksplosion in progress!

I've also started introducing some of my sketches to the shop... I have to admit Ink has been great fun so far and I find myself sitting at home trying to decide between ink and felt quite often as there are not enough hours in the day to do both!

I've been so surprised how sucessful this venture has turned out to be... I was just hoping to pay for my equipment! I am especially taken by printing on moleys (moleskine journal covers to the uninitiated) I love prettying them up with some ribbon for packaging as gifts!

So pop by and visit the ink mice at Inkmeup, let me know what you think my ext inkventure should be!


Chameleonite said...

Really enjoyed reading that. You are so talented... hardly surprising you have had such a big success with it. Long may it continue! :)

Tammie Lee said...

these are charming.

Anonymous said...

your artwork is really fabulous - and i do love my little felty person; i have named him 'Robinson McTweet' :))

Steffi said...

Congrats on your new shop. :) It is as adorable as your first one!! :) I wish I would have only part of your success. LOL

Keep up the good work.