Friday, 9 January 2009

It's a Brand New Year...

...Time to get ready for next Christmas!

Feltmeup's new year's resolution is to be ready and more prepared for Christmas next year... I was really taken by surprise by the volume of orders over the festive period ( and am hoping it will continue!) and struggled to get things posted and sorted while working full time as a book slave!

The goal of course is to not have to work as a book slave next year... but I won't hold my breath!

Having done and achieved nothing since New Year (except practically move into my new boyfriend's flat and camp there!) I am really quite proud of the fact that i have managed to get 2 new easter designs out. This lovely new design bunny (sorry old design bunnies you'll just have to stay on sale!) which I think is really cute and matches the Tweet design quite well!

Also this little simple Easter Tweet... I like it's simplicity and whimsical expression... I'm a very proud mother hen indeed!


AmyE said...

awww that bunny is adorable!

debsmuddle said...

These are so cute.I am sure they will sell well.

Vanessa said...

I absolutely love the Easter Bunny!

Cannot wait to see what is going to happen in 2009 for you!

Vanessa x

Shalana, the funky felter said...

I absolutely love your cute felted creations. I myself don't have the patience to needle felt such things, but I'm so glad that you do. You are very talented!! Best wishes in the New Year :)

Swell Vintage - Frankie said...

adorable! x