Friday, 7 November 2008

Lovely Felty Fans

I often wonder how my little creations are getting on once they leave the safety of my felty world. Today I had a lovely surprise when i logged on to my etsy to find that Stacy, who bought from me a couple of months ago had left some lovely fed back and pictures for me.

I have some very creative customers i can tell you! Stacy has used my Tweets in this beautiful mobile she has made for he new baby's nursery.

Here's hoping that the new baby likes it when she arrives... I am told that Stacy is expecting a lovely daughter. Congrats to Stacy and woot for creative mobile making!


Stacy Greer said...

I had family over this weekend and everyone asked about the mobile! We all love it and I said I couldn't take credit for the birds but the rest of it! They all loved them!

Cl@udia said...

Hi !
I've found your blog and I've added the link to mine,in my new post,'cause your creations are so cute,soft and very romantic!
My best compliment to you !!!
Claudia from Italy

Sneddonia said...

Aww, I love that mobile idea :D Pinky just sits by my computer, I'll have to make a proper home for her ...