Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Felty Fame!!!

Well... Having just got over my surprise magazine fame what should happen but I have received some bloggage from House of Mouse AKA For the Love of Cute!
The House Of Mouse
is a fab etsy store run by Anna living in The Netherlands, Europe since 2003. I love her little mouse friends all hand stitched by Anna. Each has it's very own personality ranging from super mice and star wars mice to chefs and angels, any mouse you can think of really! My current faves are her Dangerous mice... I love anything cute with a slightly sick sense of humour to it! Axel the executioner mouse even has his very own "victim"! And what cold hearted person could resist a Frankenmouse... look at that neck bolt... isn't he fab?


The House of Mouse said...

heheeh! Thank you so much for the feature! It was fun to write about your wonderful creations!

Deepa said...

Hi felt!

Just leaving a comment to say I've tagged you in questionaire in my blog, have a look for more info :)

Alexandra said...

Hello. Lovely blog.

I have tagged you - see my blog for details.