Thursday, 17 July 2008

Mis-adventures in craft fair land!

Sunday 13th July saw the first ever feltmeup craft fair adventure at Cayton village hall, near Scarborough. To be honest I wasn't expecting great things but it was a chance to give the felt an airing and see it all together in one place for once.

Sheep and aliens got a lot of attention as did badges and postcards. Bunnies were popular with the local press and Feltmeup was featured in the local paper, The Scarborough evening news. (pictures to follow since I forgot to buy said paper on tuesday!)

Cayton was also an opportunity to make new friends and contacts, as well as the glory of being in the local press, Feltmeup made connections with a couple of local businesses and are now discussing the possibility of having some felty creatures and badges in Kate's lovely shop in the market vaults in Scarborough.
I also loved seeing all my bags together, it reminded me how much I enjoyed making them. Every bag has a different memory behind it and so often I forget the reasons I started making in the first place. Lots of happy memories are in this little box! (Even if nobody wants to buy them I still love each and every one!)

All profits from the day were spent, very wisely, at the wonderful cake stall who did a fantastic line in fairy cakes!

To read more about the gala visit our local paper's website here


Anonymous said...

Looks like it was a great day out!

oldbagcrafts said...

Your table looked lovely, all colours and textures. Well done on the B&M!