Sunday, 5 February 2017

2017 What to do first?

As well you know, to say last year was incredibly difficult is an understatement. January has passed by in a haze and already it's February and I haven't done a thing! So what's new for 2017?

First off I decided that I don't want to make lavender bags at the moment, I can only make them at the studio and it's been difficult getting down there in between the practicalities of dealing with losing my parents. So there is a big big sale happening at the Etsy shop, half price on lavender bags, many prints and discontinued items. (I'm sorry no birds, I have no stock!)

I'm thinking big thunks about the business and about where I want it to go and what I want it to be in the future. I'm in a difficult place to make decisions now, both in an emotional sense and from a business point of view, so my approach has been cautious and advice from my friend has been that I should just aim to get by this year. However, you know me, I want more than just getting by.

I've been feeling like my business has been coasting these past few years, I got comfortable and then uncomfortable with being comfortable. Shaking things up last year doing bird a day was amazing... I want to do that again soon when my head is in a better place. Kickstarter in 2015 was another high point so finger crossed I will be doing another this year, albeit on a smaller scale. (and involving penguins!) needs some serious TLC and prehaps a move to another platform since my current webhost isn't really doing it for me. I need to decide if having my own webshop is something I should do again and am investigating new avenues including setting up on tictail to see how that one works, it has a nice clean feel which I like alot, so far just a few products are available on there but more will be coming soon.

As usual I want to do everything all at once! But I am listening to advice and applying the brakes a little so I don't go off half cocked!

So as you can see, 2017 has started in a cloud of uncertainty but I think I can see through the fog a little and hopefully things will start to brighten up again soon.

As ever, thank you for your support


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Lynda said...

you definitely don't want to rush into major decisions while under such an emotional strain. I love everything you do, you are wonderfully talented, and will continue to be successful whatever course your work takes in the future xxx